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The weight of bicycle accessories is always inversely proportional to the price, a stopwatch bicycle

  Hello everyone and welcome everyone to watch the new issue of Cycling Mechanics.
  At the carbon works booth of this year's European Bicycle Show, there is such an exhibit. On the left side of the balance are two feathers, and on the right side, there is a water bottle holder.
  How light is it? The bottle holder below weighs only 3.92g, and this bottle holder and the production version only have less plastic on the surface.
  But don't worry, even the officially released version weighs only 4.82g and weighs less than 5g. It should be said that it is the lightest water bottle holder on the market. Of course, it is limited to the mass production version. The DIY products are not included.
  Unlike most carbon fiber bottle holders, all bottle holders of carbon works are made of unique tube carbon fiber. There is a small hook on the bottom so that it can form an ultra-light stable structure.
  It's impressive that this bottle holder doesn't look as strong as it weighs. It actually feels very strong enough to keep the kettle stable in complex road conditions. The plastic layer on the surface helps to increase the friction between the bottle and the durability of the bottle holder.
  If you feel that the weight of 5g disturbs you, or you want to put a kettle with a larger capacity, they also provide an enhanced version of nominal 8g, the actual weighing is only 7.35g.
  For most of the friends who play cars, we are all aware that the more lightweight accessories are often inversely proportional to the price, so the two ultra-light bottle cages they provide will inevitably have one. Expensive price: 70 euros, or about 560 yuan, including two anodized aluminum alloy screws. Although it is still affordable, it is good for those who are worthless.
  On the other side of the booth, there is a dedicated bicycle stop mount, placed in front of their lion sculpture made of carbon fiber. I personally feel that the lion next to him has grabbed the limelight of the product. The stopwatch bracket contains two of their special hollow fixing screws, as well as different lengths, including three sizes of 29-47 and 60mm.