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Have you learned the eight "cold knowledge" of bicycle transmission system?

  Bicycle transmission system
  The transmission system of a bicycle is a key part of the bicycle, and its role is literally. It mainly transmits the power of the human body to the wheel system of the bicycle, so that the bicycle can generate power that can run.
  Classification of bicycle transmission system
  The transmission system is mainly divided into two categories, one is a variable speed transmission system, and the other is a single speed transmission system. The type of transmission system selected for different road conditions and different riding styles is also inconsistent.
  For some acrobatic bicycles, such as climbing and bmx bicycles. You can choose a single-speed transmission system. Because the speed ratio of the single-speed system is fixed, it is not suitable for most long-distance cycling conditions.
  Especially like some steep slopes, and some long slopes of several kilometers, the single-speed transmission system is basically impossible to conquer. Unless you have great leg strength and good quality, you can choose a prime transmission system. Even if you have this ability, it is not suitable.
  Variable-speed transmission systems are by far the most used. Regardless of whether they are road bikes or mountain bikes, whether they are road riding or mountain biking, variable-speed transmission systems are basically used.
  Another relatively special transmission system is internal variation. This is like a car's gearbox, which changes the gear ratio by gear shifting. The use of such transmissions is currently relatively small in the market.
  Because the price of this kind of transmission is relatively expensive, and it can cope with very few roads, unlike the externally variable transmission system, it can basically cope with all the roads, and the internal variable is not only for repair Complex and expensive to repair.