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Novice to buy a bicycle must-read introduction

1. Material (based on the main material) is divided into: carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, alloy steel, titanium alloy
1.1. Carbon fiber
1.1.1. The characteristics of carbon fiber bicycles are relatively elastic, good longitudinal rigidity, stable riding feel, high long-distance comfort, light weight frames, good shock absorption, and various shapes of frames;
1.2. Aluminum alloy
1.2.1. The riding texture of aluminum alloy bicycles is sensitive, lightweight, and highly rigid, but it also faithfully conveys all vibration responses on the ground, thus sacrificing riding comfort slightly.
1.3. Alloy steel
1.3.1. Alloy steel is the most traditional frame material for bicycles. It is also the material of choice for most manual vehicles. Modern alloy steels can achieve good results in rigidity, elasticity, transmission, and stability. The disadvantage is that steel is the heavier of several materials in weight.
1.3.2. Comparison of Material Characteristics of Common Frames
1.4. Titanium alloy
The characteristics of titanium alloy are more similar to the combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. It can have the elasticity similar to carbon fiber and enjoy the lightness and rigidity of aluminum alloy, but these benefits can be far higher than the price of other materials. Most of them are currently used for Small diameter frame.
2 Bicycle types
Features: It has comfortable shock absorbers, a wide range of gear ratios, tires with deeper tooth surfaces, an easy control system, easy maintenance, and is suitable for various road surfaces.
Features: Mostly use curved handlebars or flat flat handlebars, simple diamond-shaped frames, use 700c narrow tires, and the angle between the frame tube and the horizontal plane is greater than 70 degrees. Suitable for riding on smooth roads.